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Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Richmond Hill GA (or the surrounding areas) can be a good choice when you need help now, but don’t have money for the attorney's fees on hand. We can file your case in about an hour and immediately stop creditors attempting foreclosure, lawsuits, repossessions, garnishments, harassment and so on. Court costs and attorney's fees are included in a monthly payment based on what you can afford.

The notion of discharging debt is found in Deuteronomy 15:1 which paraphrased says “at the end of every seventh year you must cancel the debts of everyone who owes you money.” Chapter 13 captures this idea by asking you to pay what you can on unsecured debt for three to five years and then the debt remaining is canceled. The credit score system is surprisingly forgiving toward Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Richmond Hill GA. In general, it takes 2 years to build a good credit score after resolving your debt. It is not unusual for a client to tell me their score rose from 500’s to 650s during their Chapter 13 case. We have good information on how to accomplish this if you are interested in rebuilding credit. We can dispute debts under a Chapter 13 plan.

What Happens After Filing?

After filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Savannah or Hinesville, you can purchase a house or car with an authorization letter your lawyer can obtain for you. In general, to purchase a house your credit score must be 620-650; and you must have been in your Chapter 13 case for over a year. There doesn’t appear to be any credit score requirement for purchasing a car under Chapter 13. Looking into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Savannah or Hinesville can be a good way to consolidate all of your debt and start moving in a good direction for you and your loved ones. At the end of your case, you will receive a federal court discharge order which relieves you of any further obligation to pay your creditors. You will receive the title to any vehicles that have been paid through your case and you will have a “fresh start” and zero debt.

Chapter 13 is a better choice if there are past due payments on cars, houses or other collateral that you need to keep and protect. Persons who want to pay their debt will file a Chapter 13 even if they qualify for chapter 7. Persons whose income is too high for chapter 7 would file Chapter 13 to reduce their debt to an affordable payment. I know there is a lot more to you than your debt issue.

Here are a few reasons why Chapter 13 could be the right choice for you:

Real Estate:

Under Chapter 13 the arrearages or past due amounts on a mortgage are included in the Chapter 13 plan and paid over the three to five years of the plan term. The payments that come due after you file Chapter 13 are paid directly to the mortgage lender.

Loan Modifications:

After filing Chapter 13, many people are successful in modifying their mortgages to reduce their interest rate and permanently reduce their monthly mortgage payments. John E. Pytte and his staff are willing and able to assist you in getting started with a home loan modification with your mortgage lender.

Second Mortgages:

In some cases, a second mortgage can be stripped and discharged in a Chapter 13 case. If your house value is lower than the amount of your first mortgage, you may seek to have the second mortgage removed from your house. This is accomplished with an Adversary Proceeding which is a lawsuit filed in bankruptcy court while your Chapter 13 case is pending. John E. Pytte, P.C. has helped numerous persons remove second mortgages from their homes.

John E. Pytte, PC is a top Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney. With knowledge and expertise acquired over the years, you can count on his team for the best advice in Savannah, Hinesville, Richmond Hill, and surrounding areas.