John E. Pytte Oct. 20, 2017

A bad credit score can wreak havoc on various parts of your life. It can cause you to be denied for not just credit, but homes that you desire and jobs that you would adore. It's one of those things that can destroy your financial existence and eat away at any chance you have to rebuild your life. If you have poor credit, then you know what it's like to have something in front of you that you can't have because of a number. Your biggest question right now is probably, "Can someone please tell me how to fix my credit?" Here are some ideas:

Pay All of Your Debt

This is probably the easiest solution, but it's also the most difficult for consumers who have allowed themselves to fall into the pit of overwhelming debt. If it's possible for you to pay some of the debt, you should. Otherwise, one of the other options will probably be better for you.

Pass the Time

Bad debts do fall off of your credit report after a certain number of years if you don't accidentally reactivate them. However, passing time and waiting for items to drop is no way to live. You could miss a wonderful job or a dream home while you're waiting. If you can stop buying on credit and incurring more debt in the meantime, you’ll be able to pay it off- but it takes discipline and vigilance.

Have Someone Check for Accuracy

You're entitled to one free copy of your credit report from each of the bureaus each year. You can access your report if someone has denied you credit within the past 60 days, as well. Obtain a copy of your report, read through it, and check for errors. You can dispute anything that you do not recognize, anything that is inaccurate, and anything that does not belong to you. The bureau will have no choice but to investigate such debts, and they have to remove it if they cannot prove that it is yours.

Consolidate Your Debt

A debt consolidation is a way to go if your problem is mostly because of bad organizational skills and time management. It could work if you only miss payments because you lose track of the payment dates on your varied accounts. A consolidation can put everything together for you so that you only have one monthly payment. It can offer you a low interest rate, too. The catch is that you may have to have at least fair credit to qualify.

Get a Fresh Start Credit Account or Card

You may be able to qualify for a high-interest unsecured Visa or some kind of fresh start credit account that will let you buy some goods on a small amount of credit. You could use these accounts to boost your credit score a little bit.

Speak to a Credit Counselor

A credit counselor is someone who can assess your situation and then steer you the right way. He or she knows the various relief message and can match your unique situation with a solution that suits it. Additionally, this person can give you some tips on how to avoid credit issues in the future.

Conduct a Debt Settlement

A debt settlement is when the creditors accept less than the true balance on a debt, and then they agree to mark it as paid. This could satisfy some requirements for some apartment complexes if you are trying to get a place, but it may not make you look more honorable as far as paying your debt on time.

Sign up for a Debt Management Program

A debt management program works the same way that a consolidation works but without the loan. Instead, you pay a credit counselor a payment each month, and that person distributes it among your creditors and takes a fee. Essentially, you do get to only make one payment per month, and the stress is taken off of your head.

File for Bankruptcy

Many people file for bankruptcy when they just can't take it anymore. It is an option for you if you qualify, but you may have to come up with $2,000 to apply. Additionally, bankruptcy stays on your record for up to 10 years.

Contact an Attorney

Finally, you can call a legal specialist to look at your profile and start fighting for you and working with you. A legal specialist is probably the best person for a severe issue.

Now you have an idea of a few of the options you have for repairing your credit. You can contact some reputable professionals to help you with it now. Georgia Debt Relief is your Fix My Credit Savannah attorney. Just call them and tell them, "I need to know how to fix my credit."