If you’re struggling financially, contact a bankruptcy and debt relief attorney in Savannah, Georgia today.

You may be feeling lost or overwhelmed when it comes to your finances. Turn to my firm — Your Georgia Debt Relief Specialist — to guide you through the process of bankruptcy quickly and educationally. With me at your side, you can rest assured knowing a new chapter is right around the corner.




Many of my clients throughout Savannah are extremely overwhelmed with even the thought of filing for bankruptcy because of the many negative preconceived notions that come along with it.

My duty as your legal counselor is to make sure bankruptcy is the absolutely correct path that you should be taking. If it is, I’ll help you choose the type of bankruptcy that best suits your needs. Much like my other clients, you will come to find that the process is much smoother and more stress-free than you may perceive it to be.

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Filing for Bankruptcy in Savannah, GA

It Doesn’t Have to Be a Complicated Process

Once you have made the decision to file, the road ahead could be difficult and frustrating if you don’t have an experienced, competent attorney at your side. I will take you through every step of the process to make sure you’re aware of what is happening.

What Factors Determine Your Best Bankruptcy Option?

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    Income Levels

    How much money your household makes — and whether there’s any income at all — can be a large deciding factor into whether you are best suited for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I will thoroughly evaluate your situation to decide this.

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    Type of Debt

    If your debt consists largely of unsecured debt like credit card bills or medical bills, Chapter 7 may be the best option for you. If you’re dealing with unpaid income taxes or student loans, you may need to file for Chapter 13.

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    Your Goals & Needs

    This varies greatly person to person — and you may not have a choice — but whether or not you’d rather slowly repay your debts or get rid of them immediately can determine which route to take when filing for bankruptcy.


Why Choose Me to Help You?


Filing for bankruptcy — whether it’s Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 — can be an emotional and frustrating time. I’ll strive to make the process as smooth and simple as possible.

100% Confidential

There’s no need to feel embarrassed or self-conscious of your financial situation. From beginning to end, you can expect confidentiality from me and my team.


Because I have narrowed down my legal practice to only bankruptcy, I spend all of my time trying to better the lives of my clients in efficient and thorough ways.

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