Blog: September 2016

Debt Consolidation in Savannah

Debt consolidation is a popular topic these days. As with most financial service agreements, it’s the small print that really matters. There’s good reason for consumers to be confused. Television and radio ads can be misleading, so it just makes sense to do a little research before making an important financial decision. First of all, many so called debt consolidation programs are really debt settlement or debt management programs.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy Protection under bankruptcy can help individuals and businesses to reorganize financial matters, especially when repossession of a major asset or foreclosure on real property looms. Most financial experts recommend bankruptcy as a last resort. When bankruptcy becomes necessary, the individual or business should seek bankruptcy advice from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

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What You Should Know About Debt Consolidation Loans...

Debt consolidation is a way for a person to refinance their debt. This is a loan designed to be used to pay other existing loans. The goal is to obtain a lower overall interest rate as well as a lower monthly payment. Depending on a person's circumstances, what sounds like a great idea could actually put borrowers at a serious financial disadvantage.