Blog: February 2016

Chapter 7 BankruptcyFiling Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Savannah can be more complicated than in other states, as the state of Georgia does not allow the petitioner to use federal filing exemptions along with the exemptions set by the state. Additionally, the median income is

crucial to qualifying for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The state of Georgia adds an extra process of debt counseling before a bankruptcy petition can be completely processed. Assets and liabilities can also impact qualification for bankruptcy, and often extra financial information may be requested by the trustee in certain situations. It is vital to have a complete inventory of personal property and financial obligations beforehand because all debts you wish to discharge need listing on the original petition.

Bankruptcy Attorney Many people around the world suffer from overwhelming debt. This debt can be caused by an endless list of factors, so it is impossible to blame a single culprit for this debt epidemic. In the United States, millions of people have so much debt that they cannot even see their way out of it; they believe there is no solution. A Hinesville bankruptcy attorney can help a consumer get out from underneath the heavy burden of owing money. Bankruptcy, specifically, is a special classification of debt that deals with people who can no longer pay their bills. Your Hinesville bankruptcy attorney can help with that in a number of ways. The following are five ways that a reliable bankruptcy attorney can assist someone suffering from debt struggles.

Business TaxSavannah, founded in 1733 on the Savannah River, is the seat of Chatham County and the oldest city of the State of Georgia. Thousands of businesses large and small operate within the city limits. Savannah is business-friendly, welcomes new enterprises, and wants all of them to succeed and prosper.

New Businesses in Savannah

To help new businesses get established and attract patrons, the city publishes a how-to guide to basic business startup steps and points good to know about local business taxes and commercial regulations. The first step is to contact the Business Approval Coordinator

Income Tax DebtOwing income tax debt in Savannah can be extremely stressful. How did your debt reach this point? How can you find relief for your debt without going broke? Find out ways to pay off the IRS while keeping a little money in your savings account in the process.

1.    Double Check Your Taxes
If you were blinded by your income tax debt in Savannah, you might not owe the bloated amount at all. Even if you used a tax preparation software or a tax professional, you should always double check the amounts before you file. It’s easy to transpose a number or add a number twice in your taxes. It sometimes feels like the IRS wants you to make a mistake with their frustrating forms! Tax professionals often make mistakes because they are overworked at tax season, so take your tax professional with a grain of salt. Always double check your tax forms before submitting your final tax documents.